Hooked on Fishing

The Central Michigan University Bass Fishing Club, like all other clubs, is where people who all share a love for fishing can hang out and do what they love. The club was founded in 2008 by Troy Stokes and has come a long way since being established. Since its founding year, the club has won two awards from Central Michigan University: Rising Club of the Year and Club of the Year.

Members of the club can either be general members or tournament members. The general members are the people who enjoy coming together and fishing for fun, while the tournament members are the ones who go to different competitions and fish. Although the general members typically just fish for fun, they are allowed and welcome to fish in the tournaments if there is a spot open on one of the team’s boats.

Brian Eavey, Vice-President of the Central Michigan University Bass Fishing Club, is one of the tournament members of the club. He goes to different tournaments across the state and country. One tournament that he and the club compete in is the Michigan College Bass Circuit (MCBC). The MCBC is a bass fishing organization that hosts tournaments for collegiate bass anglers to come together and compete against one another.

Before going to a tournament, the anglers typically rig several rods up with different kinds of lures. Brandon Carman, former President of the club, said that one lure that he likes to use in tournaments is the hollow-body frog. “In areas where there is a lot of lily pads or green stuff on top of the water, I like to fish with one of my hollow-body frogs. The bass sees something moving on top of the water and then go after it.”

The Central Michigan University Bass Fishing Club has seen its number of members grow tremendously over the past few years and look to keep adding more and more people who share a love for bass fishing says John Dorosh, president of the Central Michigan Bass Fishing Club.

As the club continues to grow each year, it helps them gain sponsors. They currently have eleven sponsors: Pure Fishing, Lunkerhunt Premium Fishing Products, St. Croix Rod, Tackle Warehouse, The Red Glove, Huk Performance Fishing, Costa, Snack Daddy Lures, Chippewa Lures, Eagle Claw, and Farm Bureau Insurance. The sponsors that they have offer discounts on products and offer free samples of products as well.

The Central Michigan University Bass Fishing Club is one of the university’s most underrated clubs. Although not many people seem to know about them, they have a good size club and continue to grow. After winning Club of the Year for 2016-2017, the Bass Fishing Club continues to be on the rise. With a little more exposure, they have the opportunity to not only grow the club but to be one of the more recognizable clubs on campus.

As it continues to gain members, sponsors, and win tournaments, look for Central Michigan University Bass Fishing Club to become one of the more popular clubs that the school has to offer.

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